Gary Wayne Peterson   |  North West Coast Native Artist / Musician

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Music Bio:

 Gary’s musical journey started in Alert Bay B.C in the early 90’s, where he and 5 other family  members started a band called Liquid Courage. In 2000 Gary moved to Victoria where he performed in the local bar scene for 2 years, when all of a sudden He receives a phone call to perform on APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Net work) This was a pivotal point in Gary’s career where the program called “First Peoples Music and Arts”. This program ran Gary’s performance for all the years it aired.

“Gary with his unique style,and voice,has the ability to go all the way”
“Waneek Horn, APTN”

3 years later,Gary had the opportunity to go to Orlando Florida to perform at Fasion Rock where artists from all over world get the opportunity to show case for a panel of recording agencies music agencies from Los Angeles, New york, Chicago and Nashville.

When Gary arrived back home he had messages to come to all places, Gary chose Los angeles. Gary would spend the next year and 9 months living in Los angeles where he was showcased alongside  other artists all over the California music scene. Gary would go to all the open mic jams and Karaoke bars to advertise for his performances and this proved to be a good way to spread his voice around and be seen!

Gary came back to Canada for a visit to see a friend whom was given a month to live from a rare bone disease. His friend was given an option to take a test procedure that kept him in quarantine for months.  Gary spent time in Whistler B.C visiting his father whom was working there.It was here where Gary met his Great friend Kostas Lymberto’s whom had a band named “Kostaman”.

Gary would go to the local jams and sing as well as sing back up in his friends band and get to perform his own music as well. Later to tour British Columbia two summers in a row performing at Reggae festivals with Kostaman. Gary would spend the next 3 years singing in Whistler, recording music when there was studio time and searching for his older son Garry Jr,
whom all Gary’s songs were about. Living on couches and in the back of his Cadillac Gary
spent 3 years on the search for his son, where He found his son and brought him home on
December 21st,2010, 3 days before Christmas, 5 months before his son’s 16th birthday, which
happens to be the 1st birthday of Gary’s second son Kostas.

One year later Gary’s first CD titled “Flood the world” was bought and put on the radio
New years day,by January Rogers of CBC/CFUV radio. This made Gary the first new discovery
in the world scene of music for 2012.

“Gary has combined the sounds of Rock, Blues, Country, Gospel, Blue grass, Folk,Opera, and
Traditional Native music  to create a unique sound of music, and his CD case is a
native pop up piece of art work to hang on the wall,double the package!”

(Janet rogers, CBC/CFUV radio)

Gary has opened up for acts such as George Leach, Gary farmer and the Trouble makers,
Murray Porter, Bill Henderson(CHILLIWACK),
Gary has performed several Aboriginal day opening ceremonies in Victoria B.C, including
this year at the :
Lieutenant governors mansion – Victoria B.C
Canada Day Parade – Whistler B.C,
New Leaf festival – Pemberton B.C/ Mt Curry
Falconetti’s  – Vancouver B.C
Greek festival – Vancouver B.C

Press Shots:

Gibson and I

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Other Photos:

Gary Peterson and Gary Farmer in Alert Bay Gary at the Bayside

Gary and George in Alert Bay Gary after performance at UVIC on the six string nations guitar Gary at the Bayside joined by cousin Alan Hunt Gary at the Lieutenant Govenors mansion Aboriginal Day